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We hope you enjoy these offerings. Please let us know if there are certain items you are interested in!

If you have KONOS related resources to share, please let me know!

Homeschool Resources

General Planning/Scheduling Help

TIWA Daily Schedule-8.17.03-Excel

TIWA Daily Schedule-8.17.03-PDF

TIWA Daily Schedule-7.20.07-Excel

TIWA Daily Schedule-7.20.07-PDF

Helpful files for planning KONOS units

KONOS Co-op Planning Form

What's Covered in KONOS Volumes

KONOS Daily Lesson Plan Page

Priorities-Vision for Your Homeschool

Setting Goals for Your School Year

How To Plan--KONOS and Basics

Sample Long Range KONOS Unit Plan

KONOS Ko-op Plans

Attentiveness-Frontiersmen, Tracking/Trapping


Attentiveness-Native American Indians

Orderliness-Solar System


KONOS-Style Unit Studies

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Unit

Various Plans for KONOS Units

Obedience--Kings and Queens Plans

Attentiveness-Birds Plans

Determination-Olympics Plans

Meeting Notes

Home Organization Tips-Updated 10-22-07

The First "D" -- Doing

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